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New Games: 
Murder Mystery - You and a group of people have to survive while there is a murderer in your group, and only a detective to protect you. Collect gold to pray or buy potions! And hope the murderer isn’t right behind you.

PartyGames - Challenge your friends in 8 different types of mini games!

Mining Dead - Relive the old zombies days in this survival gamemode. Kill zombies, upgrade weapons, and survive as long as you can!

SanAmbroseCity - Fight thugs, rob banks, buy cars, houses, guns, and more! Have fun with your friends as you setup heists, go to casinos, and become the top thugs in the city!

Server Games: 
1. SanAmbroseCity
2. SMP
3. PartyGames
4. Murder Mystery
5. Cops and Culprits
6. Mining Dead
And A Lot More!

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